About APG Learning

APG Learning, previously known as SIILC, is part of the ‘Skilling & Education’ vertical of AP Globale Group which also consists of the Sakal media, the group’s flagship publication that has been delivering impact for about 9 decades in Maharashtra. Through its vast network, we connect to every 4th person in the State.

APG Learning began operations in 2013 with a mission to upskill and educate students and ensure a sustainable socio economic development. We run some of the most successful employability-related courses in the fields of agriculture, media, acting and allied subjects

At APG Learning, we aspire to uplift the community by empowering everyone to effortlessly access quality education.

Wireframes and Flows:

Key to the entire design proposition was the breadth APG learning offered online program, classroom courses etc .

There was a constant re-alignment to the larger vision while wanting differentiation. This very dichotomy gave birth to a new kind of app that is exciting for its primary users (students) to use & at the same time.

Responsive layout:

It was important to design for responsive layout, considering the widespread relevance of APG learning. They could be browsed from anywhere and at anytime from any device.

What makes APG leaning unique?
  • Our strong and influential partnerships with world’s leading universities and educational institutions.
  • Our extensive personal support (through a dedicated point of contact to answer all course-related enquiries) that we offer.
  • APG Learning promote student-to-student relationships through peer learning, group discussions, project works, live classroom sessions and community building tools.
  • APG Learning give learners direct access to their educational progress via test and assignment after each module.
  • APG Learning courses are regularly reviewed to make sure they are current and industry relevant.
Current status:

APG Learning website was launched in July 2018.


The feature list needed careful thought. Post analyze during discussion sessions, we went out with the features that added best value to the users’ journeys. Below is the unique features that are designed:

  • Online courses: Helps users in tremendously interactive and offer learners personal support and all interactive elements similar to a typical face-to-face learning environment. They are designed to equip students with workplace ready skills and knowledge.
  • Classroom Courses: In order to help working professionals acquire new skills and make progress in their careers, we partner with the world’s leading course providers and offer career-oriented classroom courses of the highest standard. Our USP is our approach and ability to offer numerous courses in so many different fields, which helps learners uncover potential job opportunities and enhance their pursuit of professional growth.
  • Certification: APG Learning provide a certificate upon completion of their courses to the students recognised by the relevant university or institution.